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3rd International Joint Agent Workshop and Symposium, iJAWS 2012
A Scalable Distributed Architecture for Network- and QoS-aware Service Composition
Adrian Klein, Fuyuki Ishikawa, Shinichi Honiden

Abstract. Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) enables the composition of loosely coupled service agents provided with varying Quality of Service (QoS) levels, effectively forming a multiagent system (MAS). Selecting a (near-)optimal set of services for a composition in terms of QoS is crucial when many functionally equivalent services are available. As the number of distributed services, especially in the cloud, is rising rapidly, the impact of the network on the QoS keeps increasing. Despite this and opposed to most MAS approaches, current service approaches depend on a centralized architecture which cannot adapt to the network. Thus, we propose a scalable distributed architecture composed of a flexible number of distributed control nodes. Our architecture requires no changes to existing services and adapts from a centralized to a completely distributed realization by adding control nodes as needed. Also, we propose an extended QoS aggregation algorithm that allows to accurately estimate network QoS. Finally, we evaluate the benefits and optimality of our architecture in a distributed environment.
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