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Bachelor's Thesis, 2008 [German; title and abstract translated]
Automated structural and functional testing of untrusted code in a secure environment - UniBene: A system for automated testing
Adrian Klein

Abstract. Especially in computer science departments at universities electronic submission system are very popular, which accept the students' solutions of the weekly exercises. Often programs are part of these solutions. While the desired structure and functionality of these programs is usually precisely defined in the assignments, it is not uncommon that the submission system itself does not verify these requirements automatically. This leads to incomplete and inconsistent submissions, which can only be verified with considerable manual effort. This work describes an extension of the submission system UniWorX, which will support the whole submission process, from the composition of the exercises to the submission and correction of the students' solutions. Immediately after submission the structure of the solution will be matched against a given specification, and provided unit tests for this exercise will be executed automatically. Eventually the results will be delivered to the correctors as an addition to the original solutions. Composers of assignments, students and correctors will profit from this improved submission process all alike.
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